11 Ways to Maximize Storage in a Small Kitchen

The number one reason homeowners are looking for a kitchen remodel is because they need more storage. Small kitchen storage is a hassle for many, trying to fit as much as you can into cramped cupboards, stacked in drawers, and overflowing on top of your refrigerator.

If you’re looking to get your pantry supplies off of the counter and into a cupboard, we have the perfect list of small kitchen storage tips for you. With minimal kitchen remodeling, you can improve your kitchen storage more than you ever believed. And it’s easy, too! You won’t believe you never thought of #8 before.

Get the best tips for maximizing your storage in a small kitchen with our 11 kitchen remodeling tips below.

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11 Small Kitchen Storage Tips

Install Large Drawers Instead of Cabinets

When you’re updating your kitchen remodel but don’t want to alter the layout of your kitchen, consider updating your kitchen cupboards into kitchen drawers. Kitchen drawers that are deep or wide can hold just as much, if not more than, your initial kitchen cupboard layout.

Changing your kitchen cabinets into kitchen drawers can help with your kitchen storage without ever having to add more cabinets or countertops into the layout, keeping your kitchen simple and open. 

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Create Built-In Risers into Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the biggest struggles with kitchen storage is accessing everything in deep kitchen cabinets. To stop losing things in the back of cupboards, we recommend including kitchen cupboard risers into your next kitchen remodel.

Whether you make these kitchen risers temporary or permanent, they are a fast, easy, and affordable kitchen remodel solution for clutter. See everything you need immediately and have everything at your fingertips – no digging around required.

Embrace the Look of Open and Floating Shelves

To maximize kitchen storage in a small kitchen without feeling cramped or closed in, opt for open shelve installations. Open shelf installations in a kitchen take advantage of clear walls while adding ample storage space.

Open shelf installations are a huge hit because they require less construction while still giving you all the storage space you need. Plus, they keep your kitchen feeling light, open, and airy. With a professional kitchen remodel, you can even reinforce your open shelves to hold weight – perfect for those big pots and pans or canned goods that need a home. 

Hanging Racks

Instead of floating shelves, or next to, consider installing hanging racks or a collection of hooks. When properly installed in your studs, hanging racks are the perfect solution for small kitchen storage. In fact, it’s one of our most popular small kitchen storage tips for an easy home kitchen remodel.

Hanging racks can hold pots, pans, utensils, cookware, oven mitts, towels, and more. With some proper shopping, you can also add bags that can hold spices, pantry goods, and more. With hanging racks in your kitchen remodel, the possibilities are endless while adding a new way to decorate your space, making it formal and functional. 

Behind the Door Storage Solutions

For those who prefer hidden storage solutions, a favorite small kitchen storage tip is behind the door racks and hooks. Put these on the pantry door, cupboard doors, cabinet doors, or any other doors that are in your kitchen.

Behind the door kitchen storage is great for spices, canned goods, small snacks, and other pantry items. For some cupboards, you can even add racks or hooks for your mugs, giving you quick access whenever you need it without having to alter your current kitchen layout. 

Add In a Movable Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are great for kitchen storage but can often take up too much room in small kitchens. One of the best solutions for small kitchen storage is adding in a movable kitchen island instead.

With a movable kitchen island, you get all the benefits of enclosed storage, countertop workspace, and a prep area without being stuck in one location. Add wheels, gliders, or anything else to gently shift it from one area of your kitchen to another. This way, your kitchen island can be the perfect place for bar seating, dinner prep, or just holding all the utensils out of the way. 

Add Shelves to the End of Your Countertops

Don’t let the end of your countertops and cupboards go to waste. At the end of your countertops, add racks, hooks, or other storage solutions to the wall for easy access. This is perfect for adding canned goods or clear containers.

When you put your pasta and other dry goods into clear containers, they fit perfectly at the edge of the countertop on professionally installed kitchen racks and are within easy reach whenever you need them. Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about how to use the end of your kitchen cabinets for the best small kitchen storage ideas. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Expand Into Your Dining Area

Why should your kitchen end abruptly? Utilize your dining room with some light kitchen remodeling to turn it into a hybrid area that works for you.

Similar to a breakfast nook, expanding your kitchen into your dining area gives you more room for prep, plating, and seating. Your storage will expand as you use shelves, buffets, and tables that are otherwise empty. Plus, it brings the comfort of your kitchen into your entire home. 

Go to the Top of Your Ceiling

Stop looking ahead for storage and instead look up. You want to take advantage of every piece of room your small kitchen has to offer.

By expanding your kitchen storage up, you can add canned goods, kitchen gadgets, and small kitchen appliances in an easy to reach area that also decorates your kitchen. You don’t need to stash items downstairs or away in the attic – going up with your kitchen storage gives you everything you need in one room. 

Plus, for higher ceilings, you can keep a small step stool under the kitchen sink for quick accessibility. Clear out counter space and think up all those kitchen gadgets you don’t use every day but still need nearby. 

Pull Out Spice Rack

Kitchens are full of small nooks and crannies and you want to optimize them to improve your small kitchen storage ideas. Our kitchen remodelers recommended installing pull-out spice racks and shelves for your next kitchen remodel.

Pull out spice racks are nicely hidden, compact, but easy to access whenever you need. Plus, it can free up an entire cupboard or corner of your countertop where your spices collect. And if spice storage isn’t an issue, consider a pull out storage rack in your kitchen for compact goods, snacks, and utensils. 

Fold Down Table and Counter Top

One of the best space saving tips to use in a small kitchen remodel is a fold down table or countertop. Tucked out of the way, a fold down table top in your small kitchen means you always have an extra foot – or three – for meal prep when you need it.

Fold down tables in a kitchen remodel can provide you with the prep space you need while saving your permanent counter space for storage. No more clutter, moving things around, or wishing you could get rid of more stuff. During your kitchen remodel, add a fold down tabletop for ease of convenience. 

Small Kitchen Storage Tips for Every Kitchen Remodel

Now that you’re brimming with ideas, it’s time to get started! Kitchen remodels for storage don’t have to be a big project – our 11 kitchen remodels for small kitchen storage ideas are fast, affordable, and don’t require a total kitchen overhaul.

If you’re ready to improve your kitchen storage, Beautiful Baths and Kitchens in Maryland can help. Our expert kitchen remodelers have ideas on hand for big kitchen projects and small ones – you can enjoy a better kitchen life today with simple kitchen remodeling tips. 

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