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Your bathroom or kitchen shouldn’t be a room you “settle” with. Renovations and makeovers are intimidating, but they don’t need to be. The right remodeling company in Rockville can make your remodel easy, streamlined, customized, and affordable. That’s where Beautiful Baths and Kitchens Remodeling Company in Rockville comes in.

We are a team of remodeling contractors and experts who understand the function and ambiance you expect from your kitchen and bathroom. It’s not just about the layout but the storage solutions, the details, your fixtures, the bold colors contrasting with rustic designs, modern pieces, and overall comfort.

Get more out of your home with a fresh remodel for your kitchen or bathroom. Today is the day to reinvest in your home and upgrade your lifestyle to luxurious and functional.


What Sets Our Kitchen Remodeling in Rockville Apart

How is one kitchen remodeling company different from the next? It comes down to:

  • Attention to detail
  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • The simplicity of the process

A lot of kitchen remodeling contractors promise high-end materials with expert designers – at BB&K, it’s not just about the materials but the entire process. Our remodeling company will be a partner in helping you achieve the vision you have for your home. Don’t risk that with big companies or overly booked contractors who don’t have the time or resources to communicate, plan, revise, and implement your vision.

When you work with Beautiful Baths and Kitchen Kitchen Remodeling Company in Rockville, you partner directly with our owner and team of renovation contractors to get individualized attention and service. Ask questions, compare designs, get project input, and customize your kitchen fully alongside us. You’re never left in the dark and we communicate fully from the site visit, planning, and throughout execution.

With our kitchen remodeling company in Rockville, you get:

Why Work With Our Rockville Bathroom Remodelers

We’re not just experts at kitchen renovations, we handle all bathroom renovations in Rockville like pros. We understand the balance of your budget, timeline, luxury, and spacious aesthetic. Get a new bathroom makeover that includes storage solutions, open space, modern or farmhouse designs, bold details, and subtle enhancements.

BB&K Bathroom Remodelers helps you expand your bathroom, retrofit for handicap adjustments, add an en suite, create a basement bathroom, go for a new shower enclosure, get a freestanding tub, improve tile work, and more.

The bathroom can be the most relaxing home of your house when styled properly. This means enhanced function, better use, improved home value, and an extravagant quality of life without breaking the bank. You can expect high-end designs for every bathroom in your house, from the half bath in the hall to the en suite master bathroom.

Talk to us today about:

Get a Luxury Remodel in Rockville for Your Home

The best thing about investing in a kitchen or bathroom remodel is that it increases the value of your home. You can invest in simple solutions or indulgent makeovers to improve your quality of life while getting the most of your home investment. Whether you intend to sell your house in five years or 15 years, these upgrades last from our remodeling contractors.

We think comfort should be accessible, easy, and stress-free. You don’t need to figure out demo, plan out a design, and hunt for new appliances or countertops. We handle the heavy lifting and suggest design details in line with your vision. Take out the guesswork and avoid the hassle with a professional remodeling company in Rockville.

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Our Approach to Rockville Home Renovations and Remodeling

Our renovation estimates are provided on-site to ensure the most accurate budget and get the full scope of the work. Once you contact our renovation contractors, we’ll discuss the project and set up a time to meet and review the work. This gives everyone a chance to go over options and explore the size of the project.
Do you have inspiration photos or a sketch on a napkin? We can make something from it. Whether you’ve been inspired by our work or have a Pinterest board of ideas, we can review the details and functions you are most looking forward to from your remodel to ensure we incorporate them in the design. If you’re not sure, our design team can draft something up by asking the right questions to get to the heart of the makeover project.
Based on our current schedule, availability of items, and more, we will set a schedule to begin the work. We plan our schedule based on what causes the least inconvenience for you. We want to have as much material on hand as possible with confident delivery times for all other project pieces. If we hit a snag or roadblock, we’ll communicate right away our solution and discuss any changes that may need to be made before moving forward.
Review it, sign off on it, love it! We’ll do a final walkthrough of all the changes so you feel satisfied and happy with the results. Then, it’s up to you to show if off! Bake your favorite meal, invite over friends and family, and decorate your new bathroom to give it the perfect homey feel. Take it all in – this is your home to enjoy!

Popular Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services in Rockville

Our Rockville remodeling contractors handle all jobs big or small. This gives you the flexibility to focus on an entire renovation or minor makeovers to pinpoint the areas where you want to see improvement. Some of our most popular remodeling services include the following:


Need up upgrade your bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Select among a range of styles including frameless, European, or American designs. Get better storage, a specific aesthetic, and a continuous design throughout your home.


Spruce up your bathroom or kitchen remodel with new countertops. Go from vinyl to granite, upgrade to marble, or get the function and style of or quartz or ceramic.

Each countertop has a range of benefits and style options that we can review with you so you get the right design.

Shower Enclosures

The best bathroom upgrade to go with is a free-standing tub and a new shower enclosure. You get more bathing space, a feeling of luxury, and all with a beautiful, flowing layout that is intuitive to your home.

Shower enclosures can be framed, semi-framed, or frameless depending on the function you want and the style you desire.

Tile and Backsplash

Want a simple way to change the look of a room? Get new tile or splash in your kitchen or bathroom. New backsplash can be bold, elegant, subtle, or an ensemble of pieces matched together. Let us handle the laying and the grouting – you get to enjoy the overall effect.

Invest in Your Home, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Get a New Bath or Kitchen Remodel in Rockville Today

Beautiful Baths and Kitchens is thrilled to be your remodeling company of choice. Based in Montgomery County, we are proud to offer our expert remodelers throughout Rockville to homeowners for entire renovations and consults. Email or call us today to begin your next project.

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