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When you picture the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, does it match what is in your home currently? Are you dealing with outdated appliances, old tile, worn-out lighting fixtures, or passe styles that don’t match your ideal ambiance?

Beautiful Baths and Kitchens is the Carroll County remodeling company for you.

At BB&K, all we handle are bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels. Our remodeling contractors are experienced in all projects large and small and we’re fluent in fast turnaround times with quality results.

A home isn’t just a space, it’s your comfort. Reclaim your space and put function and style at the top of the list. Let’s get started today to plan your bathroom or kitchen remodel in Carroll County today.

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What’s Covered with a BB&K Remodel in Carroll County

What sets Beautiful Baths and Kitchens apart from other remodeling companies in Carroll County? Our attention to detail, experience, and open communication when it comes to planning and executing your Carroll County kitchen remodeling vision.

Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel, we work with you from start to finish to ensure you get the look and function that you want from your home. 

It shouldn’t be about swapping out appliances or upgrading a color scheme – it’s about the flow of the space, the inspiration it evokes, and your comfort in the room that allows you to get the total use out of it.

Show us a sketch on a napkin or describe your ideal layout to our remodeling designers in Carroll County. As a team, we’ll design and plan the perfect bathroom and kitchen remodel for your home.

What You Can Expect From Our Remodeling Experts

Explore Our Kitchen Remodeling in Carroll County

Stop settling for your outdated kitchen that limits your use and doesn’t have the function you desire. Kitchen remodeling projects don’t have to be intimidating – the right experts can help you feel confident, keep you on target, and save you money.

Beautiful Baths and Kitchens Kitchen Remodeling Services in Carroll County are focused on getting you the kitchen you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank or having to navigate the stress.

We breakdown your Carroll County kitchen makeover into easy steps:

Contact Us

First step – contact our kitchen remodeling company.

Let us know if you’re interested in a total renovation or a small makeover; when you want your remodel completed; what your vision is.

What Are You Looking For

Tell us what you’re looking for from your Carroll County kitchen remodel.

Do you need new appliances, a total upgrade, increased home value, better storage solutions, or an added breakfast nook or dining area? Describe it or send your favorite inspiration photos.

Consult with Our Team

Work with our design crew to improve the updates, make selections, and finalize a budget and timeline.

Go back and forth as often as you need to cement the design before we begin so you’re getting exactly what you want.

Let the Work Begin

We’ll set a start date for your kitchen remodel and get to work.

If anything unexpected arises, we’ll tell you about it right away so we can make quality solutions that fit your vision with as little compromise as possible.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Once it’s done, enjoy your home!

Take in the colors, stock your shelves, cook your favorite meal, and enjoy the new view. Whether you christen your new kitchen with a small meal or an entire gathering, you’ll be thrilled to show off your new space.

Affordable Luxury Bathroom Renovations in Carroll County

Luxury bathrooms don’t need to be a dream – they can easily be an affordable reality. Beautiful Baths and Kitchen makes it our mission to provide luxury living at affordable prices by offering quality bathroom makeovers in Carroll County.

In all of our years completing big and small bathroom upgrades, we’ve found the best ways to enhance bathrooms, create modern looks, go bold but stylish, and improve the relaxation you want from your space.

We help homeowners improve their quality of living by installing new en suite bathrooms, basement bathrooms, upgrading handicap accessibility, and creating space for stand-up showers, bathtubs, and more storage solutions.

How can you get started with a new bathroom makeover in Carroll County?

Get in touch today to discuss your project. Let us know the scope of the project, your preferred timeline, the desired budget, and we’ll get back to you with a consultant to plan the project

Let us know what you need from your new bathroom remodel in Carroll County.

Are you renovating an existing bathroom, retrofitting your current bath for handicap accessibility, adding an entirely new room, or just trying to improve the storage, function, and layout? We’ll work off your ideas and inspiration photos to design the layout.

After a site visit, budget talk, style preferences, and more, we’ll finalize the design with your approval. Go back and forth as often as you need to make sure the tub specifications meet your needs, the floor fits your aesthetic, and you’re getting the right size for all additional amenities.
We’ll handle the installations, demo, makeover, and more once the work begins. You can rest easy knowing we’ll be in touch if any unexpected setbacks occur and we always work with a solution-focused mindset.
Enjoy your new renovations and see the change that happens to your overall lifestyle. Morning routines are calmer, evening baths more luxurious, and you’re no longer hunting for storage spaces or dealing with outdated fixtures. It’s not just a higher home value – it’s luxurious living.

Upgrade the Small Details for a Big Change with Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Carroll County

It’s just not luxury makeovers and total renovations that we handle. Our Carroll County Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling Services include small changes that create a bigger feel.

What does this mean? We handle lighting, countertops, fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and more. Swap out outdated fixtures for a modern look, improve harsh lighting with soft sconces, and upgrade the countertops for butcher blocks or heat-resistant materials – and yes, we do deal with appliances.

To get new functions out of your kitchen or bathroom, you don’t need to invest in total renovations (although we’re here for you if you’re ready!). You can consult with our remodeling designers to invest in small upgrades on a lower budget that will improve home value and overall function.

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Check Out Our Work

Want some inspiration? Review our kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling galleries to get an idea of what your home could look like.

Mix and match styles, jot down inspiration, or save the photos to send to us once we get to work. What you see are combinations of big makeovers and small renovations that add up to better living spaces for the entire family.

The Benefits of Our Carroll County Remodeling Company

Local Business

Based in Onley, MD, we’re just a short drive away from Carroll County. We are efficient, fast to respond, and don’t deal with commuting delays.

25+ Years Experience
We’ve been remodeling contractors for over two decades. This allows us to be experts who can help you no matter what problem you’re up against.
5-Star Rated
Clients repeatedly give us 5-star reviews for our work, communication, and overall end result.
Free Estimate on Site

Our estimates are given on-site so they are accurate, thorough, and we’ve covered all of the upgrades you want to see happen.


Pride in our work is important to us – we take our remodeling reputation seriously, so all work is owner-supervised to ensure quality is met.

No Middleman

Our remodeling contractors in Carroll County are equipped to handle all of the work – no additional middleman required, keeping costs low and turnaround time fast.

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