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Buying a home doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get every room and function you desire – a bigger backyard means a kitchen compromise, walking distance to work may mean only one and a half bathrooms, and oftentimes sellers don’t take the time to renovate outdated fixtures before their house hits the market.

The good news is, our Bethesda remodeling company can help you upgrade your kitchen and bathroom to get the remodel you want for your home. We are design-focused and detail-driven to give you the functional, aesthetic home of your dreams. We handle all kitchen renovations and bathroom makeovers in Bethesda to help you achieve your dream home on an affordable budget.

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How We Achieve Stellar Remodeling Projects in Bethesda

What does it take to be a 5-star rated, in-demand remodeling company in Bethesda?
Clear Communication
Timely Responses
Quality Materials
Design-Orientated Vision

Beautiful Baths and Kitchens didn’t become a reputable remodeling company in Bethesda overnight. Based in Montgomery County, we built up our reputation one remodeling client at a time. We learned how to anticipate customer needs, create flowing layouts, pair function with aesthetics, and complete installations and renovations in a timely yet efficient manner.

Our goal is always customer-focused. For every job our owner is on-site to review the work and ensure the design is being followed. All of our remodeling contractors are intent on providing quality work that is built to last. So whether you plan on selling your home in the next few years or not for another decade, the makeovers we do are designed to last and increase your home value.

Now with over 25 years of experience providing remodeling services to kitchens and bathrooms in Bethesda, we are a 5-star rated company with a range of clients. We are proud of our portfolio, our solution-driven results, and our overall vision.

Bring your renovating ideas to us today and we will help you design and create the perfect kitchen and bathroom remodel in Bethesda. The home of your dreams is within reach – call today and make it possible.

Bathroom Remodeling
Bethesda Bathroom Remodels
stunning white and modern kitchen model in maryland
Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Bethesda from Design Experts

Breakfast nooks. Full-scale makeovers. Improved cabinets. Task lighting.

This is just a hint of the many remodeling projects we complete every month for remodeling projects in Bethesda. Our remodeling contractors are efficient at hearing your current kitchen concerns and designing a layout that solves all of your problems.

Not enough counter space? We can help you complete a kitchen enlargement or utilize above-head storage to get countertop appliances out of the way. Never enough light? Let us install task lighting that illuminates your work areas and sets the ambiance. Need new appliances? We can help with the install.

The kitchen you buy doesn’t need to be the kitchen you’re stuck with. Full-scale kitchen renovations in Bethesda are one call away. If you have a design in mind, send it our way! Not sure but you know you need something new? Browse our kitchen renovation gallery or send us your thoughts – we’ll put together an expert kitchen design to improve your lifestyle.

We’re one call away from kitchen renovations in Bethesda MD!

Bathroom Makeovers in Bethesda That Optimize Comfort

One of the biggest things our clients tell us is that they want a more luxurious bathroom. You spend the majority of your day utilizing your bathroom – makeup, hair, bathing, the kids, pets, cleaning, and more. The space should feel open, welcoming, and calming. No one likes clutter, a lack of space, or an outdated tub you can’t properly soak in.

Our bathroom renovation contractors in Bethesda can help turn your current bathroom into the washroom of your dreams. We do this by offering freestanding tubs, a variety of shower enclosures, creating elegant places for storage, and updating old fixtures or tiles with newer, bolder designs that fit your taste.

Improved quality of life is possible with a bathroom that works for you. Don’t neglect this space – talk to our Bethesda bathroom remodeling company about our ideas and how we can optimize the space you’re already using. And if you need a whole new bathroom? We’ve got you covered – bathroom enlargements, additions, and basement bathrooms are all in our wheelhouse.

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Get In Touch to Begin the Remodeling Process

Reach out via phone or email and let us know the project you want to start. We’ll do a brief overview of what you’re looking for and then we’ll arrange for a day to come out on-site for a free estimate.

This gives our remodeling contractors a chance to see your space, visualize the layout, and discuss what improvements you want (and what things need to go).

The remodeling estimate is just the beginning – that is our launching pad to finalize details, go over what you’d like to see, and go back and forth until everything is confirmed to your liking. If you don’t like an idea – let us know! The design stage is where we will ensure the projected outcome is in your vision.
Happy with the design? We get to work! We’ll review schedules, timelines, and ship dates for materials to set up a project timeline that works with your schedule and causes the least amount of inconvenience. And if something goes awry, we’ll let you know right away so you are involved in any changes that might need to be made.
We’ll do a final walkthrough together once the work is complete to get your final sign-off. Now it’s up to you to sit back, enjoy, and show off your new home. We can’t wait to see you in your final space and give you the home of your dreams that you’ve always envisioned.

Why Work With Our Bethesda Remodeling Company

Honest Communication
Ever have work being done and you’re not sure what it is or where it’s at? We don’t do that. We communicate clearly every step of the way so you have clear expectations about your home’s remodeling project.
25+ Years Experience
We’ve seen it all and can handle any project you throw our way. Over two decades’ worth of experience has allowed us to develop and hone proven remodeling solutions for all homes and projects.
The Proof is in the Portfolio
Our galleries don’t lie. We’ve helped remodel countless kitchens and bathrooms to clients’ satisfaction. Review our work to know with certainty we can complete the remodel vision you have.
Owner-Supervised Work

We take pride in our work and our reputation. Our owner is on-site to approve the work and ensure your detailed layout is being followed. Ask questions and feel confident in your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

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