The Best Shower Enclosures in Montgomery County, Maryland

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Say goodbye to cramped spaces, thick frames, or shower curtains that date your bathroom. A new shower enclosure for your bathroom can make your bathroom more accessible, feel more open, and provides a level of comfort and luxury you wouldn’t expect.

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What a Shower Enclosure Upgrade Does For Your Home

Let’s start with the obvious – a new shower enclosure installation is for you, your family, and your home value. It not only increases your comfort and quality of life but it raises the value of your home.

We’ve been installing affordable shower enclosures in Montgomery County for over 25 years. As a locally owned business, we’ve helped families and homeowners get the home experience they’ve always wanted.

We consult on design, installation, frame vs frameless shower enclosures, timeline, budget, and more. It’s the perfect combination of your vision fit into your budget. Our crew doesn’t stop until you’re satisfied.

So show us an inspiration picture of a European shower enclosure, sketch out your ideas, send us an email with your perfect vision, or ask us what we recommend. At Beautiful Baths and Kitchen, we deliver only the best shower enclosures in Montgomery County.

Some of the Best Shower Enclosure Designs

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Framed Shower Enclosure

A framed shower enclosure features framing around the door and the panels of the shower enclosure. This is a great option when you are looking to complement the other finishes in your bathroom, like an accented silver frame for your silver faucets.

Framed shower enclosures are simpler to install and cost less than frameless designs, but the end result can be a more closed-off feel.

Luxury Bathroom Upgradation

Frameless Enclosure

For a true open and luxurious look, a frameless shower enclosure is the ideal option. Minimal framing accents tile, showerheads, or other features you wish to highlight while creating an entirely open feeling concept.

To create a frameless shower enclosure, heavier glass is used which can mean longer installation times or increased prices. However, it is a quality investment for home value and home comfort.

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Semi-Frameless Enclosure

Semi-frameless shower enclosures have paneling around the outer edges but not around the door, creating a finished look that still is open and inviting. It combines the open luxury feeling while accenting other finishes in your bathroom.

This is an affordable option that balances luxury and modern design.

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Square Shower Enclosure

A popular shower enclosure option, a square shower enclosure works for limited space with a wide variety of door and frame options.

They are stylish, modern, and simplistic. If you don’t think you have room for an open shower enclosure, we’ll show you how a square shower enclosure could be the right answer.

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Rectangular Enclosure

For the ultimate luxurious bathroom upgrade, a rectangular shower enclosure is the way to go.

It takes up more space than other shower enclosures but provides openness, plenty of space to bathe, and looks stunning in a master bathroom. This is the definition of a luxury bath.

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Semi-Oval / Quadrant Shower Enclosure

This is one of the more popular shower enclosure designs homeowners are familiar with. This is because it is a stand-up shower enclosure design that works in almost any space, even in the small corners of small bathrooms.

The curved front piece is very modern and allows it to adapt and fit into corner spaces. This is an easy way to open up your bathroom or create a luxury vibe without breaking budget.

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