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A Growing Family Needs a Growing Home – Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Frederick County Make It Happen

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We know all too well that when you buy a home, rarely does it have everything you need. As you get older, extend your family, fill it with pets, or have your needs change, you want your house to change with you. 

Microwave dinners turn into a love for cooking gourmet meals, quick showers swap out for soaking baths, and it’s about time you added that breakfast nook and finished the en suite bathroom addition.

Beautiful Baths and Kitchens aims to be your go-to remodeling company in Frederick County for all of life’s upgrades and changes. We’re trusted by our clients for entire remodels, small renovations, easy upgrades, handicap retrofittings, resale value increases, and more.

It’s your home and you deserve the best it can give you – let us be a part of that change.

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How To Improve Your Home’s Function with a New Frederick County Kitchen Remodel or Bathroom Renovation

Is it worth it to get a new remodel for your kitchen or bathroom? Are you worried about the time, the investment, or having to design out your new plan? When everything is completed, will you be glad you went through the renovation process with a trusted company?

The short answer: YES.

Why is your renovation worth it?

Kitchen and bathroom remodels in Frederick County can dramatically improve the function of your home and your quality of living. It’s not just buzz words and a few swapped tiles – it’s the ease of use, items being at your fingertips, and a layout customized to your morning routine and preferences.

No matter what state your kitchen or bathroom is in when you buy your house, your life is going to evolve to have different needs. A shortage of countertop space goes from tolerable to frustrating once you’ve accumulated valuable kitchen supplies or want to host dinner parties. The old walk-in shower that didn’t have a tub was fine, until you realized the aesthetic is outdated and you could actually repurpose that empty corner for a soaking tub instead.

New Frederick County kitchen renovations and bathroom upgrades change the type of living you can get out of your home. Some of our favorite renovation projects include:

shower installation frederick county white tile black accents
Bethesda Bathroom Remodels
stunning white and modern kitchen model in maryland
kitchen remodeling contractor Montgomery county

Get Inspired for a New Kitchen Makeover in Frederick County

Looking for ideas on a new kitchen renovation and wondering how an upgrade could complement your lifestyle and improve your home value? Here are our best tips and tricks when considering a new kitchen remodel in Frederick County.
Home Renovation

Upgrade the Countertops

New countertops don’t just change the look, they change the function of your kitchen; prioritize heat-resistance or butcher blocks for easy chopping
kitchen makeover in frederick county

Swap Out Cabinets

The simplest way to change your space and discover new storage solutions is with new cabinets: styles, design, and colors can overhaul an entire kitchen with ease
Stunning Interior

Update the Backsplash

Backsplash is the perfect accent piece to any kitchen – make a statement with bold colors or go for a subtle defining line to complement the rest of the colors
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Change the Lighting

Task lighting is huge when it comes to kitchens and yet many kitchens lack the proper lighting installments to banish shadows where you’re already working, which is why lighting is a go-to for any Frederick County kitchen makeover

Your Bathroom Renovation in Frederick County is Filled with Possibilities

What makes a luxurious bathroom stand out from an ordinary bathroom? It doesn’t have to be space or even a large soaking tub – sometimes the simplest things turn stale into relaxing, simple into dazzling. If you want some ideas for your next bathroom makeover in Frederick County, we have you covered.
bathroom remodeling in maryland

Get a New Shower Enclosure

Your shower enclosure has more of an impact on your bathroom than you may think – consider frameless or semi-framed to achieve an open space flow without major renovations
bathroom upgrade ideas

Prioritize Storage

A cluttered bathroom can really bring down the luxurious feeling you want to achieve – a bathroom makeover in Frederick County can help solve those small problems to make big changes
black and white striped tile tub install for bathroom makeover in maryland

Swap Out the Tile

Tile is such a dominant part of any bathroom that swapping out the tile around your shower, tub, or sink can have a major impact on how you feel when in the space
Luxury Bathroom Upgradation

Customize the Flooring

Heated floors are huge when it comes to bathroom makeovers in Frederick County; nothing beats the warmth on a cold night or straight out of the shower

Why Work With Our Frederick County Remodeling Company

Beautiful Baths and Kitchens Remodeling Company in Frederick County is dedicated to your overall satisfaction. That is why we have honed our technique, prioritize our communication, and only partner with the best material suppliers. All work is owner-supervised and you are welcome to ask questions and feel confident throughout the entire project.

Get a beautiful bathroom or kitchen makeover in Frederick County stress-free when you partner with BB&K.

5 Star Rated
Our clients appreciate our honesty, quality work, and thorough planning process. We value our reputation and do the best we can by every client.
Open Communication
We take care to always inform you of any unexpected changes or roadblocks that come up. We never move forward without your go-ahead.
Design Orientated
Our Frederick County remodeling contractors are focused on creating a design that compliments your vision and fits all of your needs.
Quality Materials
Trust the work that we do and the materials we provide to last for years, so your home value is well invested in.

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