Creating an At-Home Spa-Like Retreat

11 Luxurious Bathroom Upgrades

A soothing soak in a spa-like bathroom can whisk away the stresses of the day, leaving you refreshed and renewed each night. Soft lighting, gentle colors, and the finest bathroom fixtures create a welcoming morning wake-up every morning that helps you greet the day. So how do you create a spa-like luxurious bathroom in your own home?

We break down the best bathroom renovation ideas to create a luxury bathroom, including app-controlled lighting and rainfall shower heads. Whether your idea of a spa-like bathroom is a roomy stand-up shower enclosure with steam settings or Bluetooth speakers, our luxury bathroom guide makes it accessible, easy, and within reach for your next bathroom renovation. Stop dreaming and start planning your luxurious bathroom upgrades today.

How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

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Keep in mind that a luxury bathroom is composed of aesthetics and function. We focus on new bathroom upgrades that provide better functionality and look great. You can customize the look of each of these top luxurious bathroom renovation tips by selecting your own relaxing color palette or theme. 

The key is to make sure your new bathroom remodel has a cohesive vision, a selected range of colors that contrast comfortably, and you’ve selected your must-have functional items that prioritize relaxation above all else in a way that fits your life.

  • Pick a theme
  • Choose a color scheme
  • Prioritize the functions you need
  • Set a reasonable budget
  • Have a statement piece
  • When in doubt, keep it simple
  • Consult with the experts for top tips

Top Luxurious Bathroom Upgrades in Maryland

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #1:

Heated Flooring

This is simple, easy, and won’t take much time for a professional bathroom remodeler to install. Heated floors provide comfort all year long, especially in colder climates like in Maryland. You can wake up to warm floors, have comfort exiting the shower every night, and never need to worry about chilly tiles on snowy days.

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #2:

Touchless Faucets

Remove the hassle of turning your faucet on and off with soapy or dirty hands – touchless faucets help save on water consumption while providing you the ease of use. This luxurious bathroom upgrade will allow you to simply place your hands and have water appear, turning it off as you move away so even simple tasks like brushing your teeth or washing your face are easier and simpler each day.

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #3:

Rainfall Shower Head

Not just a trend, rainfall shower heads offer luxury with a soft fall of water from directly above. Paired with a traditional shower head for the best of both worlds, installing a rainfall shower head is a top luxury bathroom renovation tip because it sounds softer, feels gentler, and creates a peaceful encasement of water that allows you to feel refreshed and cleaner than before. Rainfall shower heads create a soft expanse of steam for better breathing, too.

rainfall showerhead for luxury bathroom remodel
Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #4:

Steam Shower

Create a truly spa-like experience in your bathroom with a steam shower. Steam showers combine all the functionality of a normal shower with an added steam function. This transforms your shower space into a steam room, creating the perfect place to relax, recover, and heal. Steam rooms and steam showers help alleviate the symptoms of allergies, improve circulation, and help with recovery after workouts or other exercises.

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #5:

Soaking or Whirlpool Tub

If tubs are more your preference, you can create a spa-like bathroom with a soaking or whirlpool jetted tub. Both tub options allow you the chance to recover from workouts, improve circulation, and unwind after a long day. A soaking tub will grant the best use of bathrooms, bubbles, and Epson salts, so you can feel rejuvenated after every use. Jetted tubs are the perfect choice for improving circulation and releasing sore muscles with direct pressure. Many jetted tubs also double as soaking tubs and are perfect for both.

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #6:

Marble Countertops and Accents

When looking for a spa-like bathroom remodel, remember that materials and colors play a large piece, so don’t be afraid to indulge and swap out your old countertop for a marble accent piece. Marble countertops stay cooler longer and have long-lasting durability – no matter what you or your family throws at them, they can withstand the use. Plus, they raise the value of your home and provide a beautiful backdrop.

marble countertops create a spa-like bathroom
Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #7:

Dim Lighting and Sconces

Lighting is key to creating a luxurious bathroom upgrade. Dim lighting and a mix of soft yellows and bright whites create the perfect customizable environment. Select dimmable switches for all overhead lights and sconces and include a mix of both when revamping your bathroom remodel. This will provide soft lighting for mornings and relaxation while bright whites can assist with cleaning, prep, and more.

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #8:

Clutter-Free Storage

Luxury is all about how a space feels and you’ll feel calmer in a luxury bathroom at home with clutter-free spaces. Make sure your luxury bathroom remodel includes renovations for more storage. Opt for a linen closet, under the counter storage, or additional cabinets. Include some floating shelves and open storage as well to create a soft, clean-looking environment. If you need more tips, we have some easy storage solutions for small bathrooms that you won’t want to miss. 

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #9:

Embrace Tech for Bluetooth Speakers

Turn on your favorite music, meditation sounds, or simple background noise to surround you in your spa-like bathroom with Bluetooth speakers. These are an easy upgrade and installation that provides unparalleled ambiance that goes a long way to embracing a spa-like bathroom right at home. If you want, include Bluetooth lighting that transitions, fades, or pulses with the music.

use plants to make a luxury bathroom remodel with ease
Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #10:

Plants and Greenery

Bathrooms are the perfect place to display and grow your favorite plants. Planters work will in the humidity, especially paired as hanging planters next to steam showers or overhanging vines near soaking tubs. These provide a sense of nature right inside, so your luxury bathroom is more comfortable. Plus, being surrounded by plants has been shown to decrease stress and improve relaxation and is better for air filtration and quality.

Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade #11:

Make a Statement with a Single Piece

Finally, a luxury bathroom will display one artistic piece that draws the attention of all guests. Embrace a statuesque sink or an ornate mirror. You can adorn your stand-up shower with luxury tiles or invest in a plush bathroom rug. Whatever you do, ensure you have one piece that captivates the attention, even if it just a stunning, one of a kind soaking tub. 

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Elevating your bathroom to a spa-like retreat involves more than aesthetics; it’s about creating a haven where you can escape the demands of daily life. With rejuvenating tubs and showers, tech-enhanced lighting, touchless features, and heated floors, you can feel serene and at peace right at home.

So, why not embark on this journey of transformation and treat yourself to the ultimate spa-like experience every day? Get a quote today to discover how achievable your luxury bathroom is – view all of our options for bathroom remodeling in Maryland.


You can achieve a luxurious feel without breaking the bank by focusing on key elements like upgrading fixtures, adding plush towels, and incorporating elegant accessories. Many of our luxury bathroom remodels are done on a small budget to help make your investment go further. 

Soft, diffused lighting is ideal for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Consider installing dimmable sconces or pendant lights to set the mood. Our Montgomery County remodeling contractors can also recommend the best bulbs, diffusers, and LED lights.

Yes, plants like snake plants, pothos, and bamboo thrive in bathroom environments due to their adaptability to low light and humidity. Talk to your remodeling contractor about creating floating shelves or installing hooks for hanging planters to liven up the space for plants. 

Opt for space-saving fixtures, light colors, and mirrors to visually expand the space. Clever storage solutions also help keep the area clutter-free. We are experts at improving tubs, sinks, and showers in small bathrooms for optimal comfort and luxury.

Scent has a powerful impact on our emotions and can evoke feelings of relaxation and calmness. Aromatherapy elements like scented candles or essential oil diffusers are effective for creating a soothing ambiance. Leave room on marble countertops or on floating shelves to use incense, candles, and wax warmers to create a gentle aroma. 

Absolutely! The key is to maintain a sense of balance. You can pair modern fixtures with classic materials like marble or incorporate traditional patterns in your textiles. Professional bathroom remodelers can assist with finding the right balance. 

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