9 Innovative Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Space-saving bathroom storage ideas are all anyone is after when searching for their next bathroom remodel inspiration. Clutter-free bathrooms allow for a more luxurious feel, better relaxation, and even more storage space without creating a stressful atmosphere.

Our Maryland bathroom remodelers provide our favorite smart storage solutions for compact bathrooms. Discover clever organization tips for small bathrooms and regain the room you were losing to storage, clutter, and excess items. From creative shelving ideas to optimizing vertical space, we’ve got you covered.

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Creative Storage Solutions for Tiny Bathrooms

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #1:

Vertical Shelves to Maximize Height

Utilize your bathroom’s vertical space by installing tall shelving units. These units provide ample storage for towels, toiletries, and other essentials, without taking up valuable floor space. Go to the ceiling or leave some space to store tiny knick-knacks, towels, or other items. Use light colors or pastels on the shelves or cabinets to enhance the light reflection so the space feels tall.

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #2:

Don’t Forget Under-Sink Organizers

Make the most of the space beneath your sink by adding organizers. Slide-out trays, stackable bins, rolling carts, and pull-out drawers can transform your empty space into a well-organized storage hub. You can use open shelving that fits under the sink for a more modern look or choose adaptable cabinets made for the space. We personally love upcycling old baskets and bins into under-sink storage, the best way to implement creative storage solutions for small bathrooms.

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #3:

Floating Shelves Fill the Wall Spaces

Floating shelves are a trendy and space-efficient way to display decorative items and store everyday bathroom necessities. Install them above the toilet or next to the mirror for easy access. Floating shelves are a great innovative storage solution for limited space due to their range in sizes, colors, and styles. Use them for towels, toiletries, washcloths, hair care, and more. Add additional shelves or baskets for better organization and regain your bathroom countertop.

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Space-saving bathroom storage idea #4:

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Consider installing wall-mounted cabinets to keep your bathroom essentials out of sight. These cabinets can be placed above the toilet or vanity, providing discreet storage without sacrificing aesthetics. Cabinets allow for closing doors to hide any other items you’d otherwise not want to display. For the best creative storage solutions for small bathrooms, try thrifting old cabinets and repainting them in light colors – choose slim models to still maintain a roomy feel.

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #5:

Over-the-Door Storage

Turn the back of your bathroom door into an extra storage area. Over-the-door organizers with hooks are perfect for hanging towels, robes, or even toiletry caddies. This is one of our favorite tiny bathroom hacks for storage because the options are endless for hanging cubes, hooks, shelving, and more.

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #6:

Magnetic Strips in Cabinets

Have you considered what to do with all those small toiletry and self-care items that seem to get lost everywhere? Attach magnetic strips to the inside of cabinet doors to keep metal items like tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins within reach and neatly organized. This is also perfect for the side of floating shelves as well, so everything is within easy reach.

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Space-saving bathroom storage idea #7:

Corner Shelves

We see this all the time and it’s our number-one go-to for creative storage solutions for small bathrooms during a home renovation. Stop letting corner spaces go to waste and opt to install corner shelves to store toiletries, candles, or decorative items. These shelves effectively utilize areas that are often overlooked and easily fit into a bathroom of any size.

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #8:

Bathroom Cabinets with Mirrors

Finding a place for mirrors, shelving, cabinets, and more can seem overwhelming. Innovation storage solutions for tiny bathrooms include choosing two-in-ones whenever possible. Select medicine cabinets, small or tall, with mirrors to optimize your space. You can get an easy bathroom mirror above the sink or choose one to go on a wall that also doubles as a full-length mirror that can store even more items.

Space-saving bathroom storage idea #9:

Shower Niche

If you’re redoing your entire bathroom but still working within the same limited space, request your bathroom remodeling contractor to incorporate a shower niche or nook. These built in spaces are perfect for storing toiletries and shower essentials without you needing to add more hooks, baskets, and shelving outside of the shower.

Expert Tips for Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

  • Prioritize Essentials
  • Incorporate Mirrors
  • Choose Multi-Functional Furniture
  • Use Clear Containers
  • Customize Shelving
  • Declutter Regularly
  • Light Colors and Patterns
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Request a Consult on Practical Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

These are just some of our favorite innovative and practical small bathroom organization ideas. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Maryland have even more expert tips and tricks to help elevate your space and make it more functional and roomy. If you’re ready to take on the next project for your home, request bathroom remodeling estimates today and let us help you design your dream home.


To make your small bathroom appear larger, use light colors, mirrors, and declutter the space. The strategic placement of mirrors and minimalistic decor can create the illusion of more space.

Consider using decorative baskets, tiered trays, and floating shelves to add both style and functionality to your small bathroom. These solutions help keep items organized while enhancing aesthetics.

Absolutely! Try using magnetic strips for metal items, utilizing vertical space with ladder shelving, and opting for furniture with hidden storage compartments. These hacks maximize space without compromising on style.

Regular decluttering is key to maintaining an organized bathroom. Get rid of items you no longer need, and designate specific storage spots for each category of items, such as toiletries, makeup, and towels.

Yes, you can! Choose small, low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants to add a touch of greenery to your bathroom. Wall-mounted planters or shelves can help save space while adding a natural element.

Opt for bright, even lighting to make your small bathroom feel more open. Consider using LED recessed lights, vanity lights, or sconces placed strategically to eliminate shadows and create a well-lit environment.

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