Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting project! There are a few different ways we recommend getting started when deciding to work with professional contractors. First, look for a remodeling company that has completed projects similar to what you want. Second, ask for a free estimate so you can consult with them on your vision, set budget expectations, and have a timeline. You should always feel comfortable and confident with the company you hire.

When Beautiful Baths and Kitchens comes for a free estimate visit, we are sure to include a few different details. We cover our best assessment for recommendations, overall labor costs, expected material costs, material options, timeline, and start date.

During our free estimate visit, we can cover what kitchen cabinets you are looking for, both in regards to style and function. We work with various manufacturers so you can get the right kitchen cabinet that compliments your style and has the function you need.

Many homeowners opt to remodel their homes in Summer, due to the nice weather and long days. However, this can also make it more difficult to stick to a specific timeline, get materials at a competitive cost, and access high-demand items. BB&K offers remodeling year-round, so the perfect time for a remodel is when it works for you.

Budgeting for a kitchen or bathroom remodel depends on a lot of factors. Our free estimate on all remodeling projects helps you have a realistic expectation of the total costs, including labor and materials.

While remodeling your kitchen or bathroom you can absolutely remain in your home. However, there are some adjustments you will have to make.

If this is your only bathroom, please consult with our contractors on a timeline, as that will be the largest adjustment you have to account for. Otherwise, if we are working on your kitchen or second bath, you can proceed as normal, just adjusting for time, workmen in the home, and the inability to use appliances.

To prepare for your bathroom renovation, we stay in touch consistently. We will have our initial free estimate visit and once we are ready to begin work, we will complete another contractor walkthrough. We recommend you set up any secondary bathroom as your main bathroom, remove personal items, remove art, and create a safe working space. Also, ensure pets cannot get in the way during the renovation process.

Getting ready for a new kitchen remodel is very exciting! The first thing we recommend is reviewing the portfolios of contractors you want to work with to ensure they’ve done projects like yours before. During your free estimate consult, ask about their materials, timeline, recommendations, predicted problem areas, and advice to achieve your vision.

Remodeling a kitchen cost depends on a few different factors. During a free estimate consultation, you will be able to talk to our contractor about different materials, colors, designs, appliances, and more that can impact the overall budget.

Remodeling a bathroom depends on a few different factors. Small adjustments can be made on a shorter timeline, however, some larger remodels can take weeks. A lot of the timeline depends not only on labor but also on material availability and shipping.

During a partial bathroom remodel, we work with you to consult on the pieces you want to update. This can be any combination of sink, floor, tile, shower, tub, vanity, toilet, and more.
If you are looking to remodel your entire bathroom, we often recommend doing everything at once. This allows for a seamless transition. However, if budget or timeline requires you to take on the remodeling in stages, we can consult with you on the best items to remodel first to make for the best remodel with the lowest costs.

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