9 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

The basis of most kitchen remodels is centered around new kitchen cabinet designs. Improving kitchen cabinets improves the feel and function of the entire space, turning an outdated, small kitchen into a luxurious cooking space that is never lacking in organization.

Choosing kitchen cabinets, however, can be a daunting task filled with styles, colors, hardware, and layout choices. We share our best tips for choosing kitchen cabinet styles that complement your home, cooking style, and budget (#6 works for kitchens of any size or layout to get you started).

Consider the Storage Needs of Your Kitchen Cabinets

First and foremost, your kitchen cabinets should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The best-functioning kitchen cabinets maximize storage and organizational needs.

Our best tips for choosing kitchen cabinets include outlining what you need the most for your kitchen cabinets: a lazy susan, deep drawers, tall shelves, and more. Make a list of what you store in your kitchen cabinets and where you want pots, pans, tupperware, bakeware, utensils, dry goods, cans, and more to go.

With these specifications in mind, you can better choose kitchen cabinets that work for you and aren’t too short, shallow, or narrow.

Think About Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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Popular kitchen cabinet styles have a range of hardware choices to select from. Cabinet hardware is the accent piece that can make or break the ambiance of your kitchen. Although this seems like a small detail, brass vs silver or large hinges vs small are immediately noticeable in contrast to your paint or wood styles.

Consider carefully the hinges and handles of your cabinet doors. Choose from retro design, modern simplicity, knobs, basic handles, curves, and more. Be careful to consider function and usability in addition to keeping a cohesive design that is consistent.

Yes, You Can Mix Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

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No, it’s not a design fopaux to mix kitchen cabinet door styles. In fact, our best tips for kitchen cabinet designs include mixing kitchen cabinet door styles from popular styles and quirky or creative unique pieces.

The key to mixing kitchen cabinet door styles is choosing complementary or contrasting designs. We often recommend choosing a popular kitchen door style and then offsetting it with a unique piece. Keep the rotation of styles consistent for the most aesthetically pleasing final product.

Choose Kitchen Cabinets Based On Kitchen Size

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Your kitchen cabinets should complement your kitchen’s size and work well within the space. When browsing popular kitchen cabinet styles, ensure you pick kitchen cabinets that are not too narrow or slim for a large kitchen, but not too bulky or deep for a tiny kitchen.

You can change the perception of your kitchen’s size by optimizing clever kitchen cabinet styles. Go for open shelving, glass doors, light colors, and simplistic wood designs that can reflect back natural light and make any kitchen appear larger and more welcoming.

Customize Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Wood Types

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It’s your kitchen so don’t be shy about choosing custom cabinet door colors or contrasting colors that complement your paint job. Think about lighting, bold colors, welcoming, softness, and more. Make sure you pick your wood style first, as the grain may or may not appear through the cabinet color that you choose.

As a rule, lighter colors are perfect to reflect back natural light and make a small kitchen look large. Popular kitchen cabinet wood styles you will see include oak, maple, birch, cherry, and hickory. Ask your kitchen remodeling company for advice on pairing your color palette with the wood grain or natural color of the cabinets you select.

Get Familiar with Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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You will see some kitchen cabinet styles more often than others. These popular kitchen cabinet styles will mean cheaper prices and easier availability when it comes to stock and shipping. If budget or scheduling is high on your priority list, ask about these styles first in order to expedite the process and cut down on custom design costs.

These styles include Shaker, flat-panel, raised-panel, and beadboard. You may also opt for open shelving (no cabinet doors) or glass-paneled doors. Rustic kitchen cabinets are also becoming a popular choice.

Compare Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

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Breaking down kitchen cabinet door styles is a good way to help aid in selecting the right design for your new kitchen remodel. The doors will be the primary piece you will see and will set the tone of your kitchen.

There are two-tone styles, rustic, modern, cottage, and sleek, to name a few. Consider the overall style you want for your kitchen in general in order to select a kitchen cabinet door style that will work with your overall vision and theme. If necessary, select your cabinet door style first and plan around those styles.

Always Remember Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Don’t forget – always consult your kitchen remodeling budget!

Kitchen cabinets may be the bulk of your budget, alongside countertops and appliances. Be selective with how much you can allot towards new kitchen cabinet designs and ensure you do not go over that price point without consulting the rest of your budget and estimations. Upgrading door styles, hardware, and color choices can all quickly increase your estimation.

Factor In Kitchen Cabinet Turnaround Time

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Finally, when selecting your kitchen cabinets, think about the timeline for your kitchen remodel. Popular kitchen cabinet styles will be more readily available and in stock vs kitchen cabinets that are more unique or even customized.

Work with your kitchen remodeler to discuss the timeline you have for your project and your preferred completion date. This may mean opting for a different kitchen cabinet style if it will push your remodel out a month or two.

Have Your Kitchen Cabinet Style in Mind? Let’s Begin!

This may seem like a lot to consider, but jotting down your preferences when it comes to kitchen cabinet door styles and more will mean an easier time picking the final product and hitting the order button your selection.

If you need help, contact BB&K for a personalized consult and cost estimation. Our goal is a beautiful kitchen that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let us help you choose your dream kitchen today.

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