Bathroom Lighting: 6 Tips to Illuminate Your Space with Style

Bathroom remodeling is all about combining function and ambiance. You want to make the most use out of your space while creating a comfortable, relaxing environment that welcomes you every morning.

As bathroom remodelers for many homes, the one thing we’ve found that elevates a bathroom’s design is the bathroom lighting. Your bathroom lighting design can create a sterile environment or a cozy atmosphere. What’s most important is brightening up your bathroom without creating too harsh of a reflection.

We pulled together our top 6 bathroom lighting tips so you can brighten up the bathroom without losing the cozy and comfortable look and feel you want most. 

Natural Light Is Key In Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

6 Bathroom Lighting Tips

Choosing Vanity Lights for Your Bathroom

Vanity lights are a critical part of your bathroom design. Whether you’re applying makeup, going through a skincare routine, or just want to check your appearance before running out the door, vanity bathroom lights influence your reflection, habits, and more.

You want to select vanity lights for your bathroom design that complement your bathroom’s style or theme – you can choose modern, eclectic, retro, or country-style vanity lights that help pull the final image together. While they may not be the focal point of your bathroom, they will draw attention and be a centerpiece of the entire design.

Test your vanity lights for shadows and illumination before finalizing your installation – vanity lights that throw shadows will be more aesthetic than functional and may not give you the bathroom lighting you need. You want your vanity lights mounted on either side of the bathroom mirror to remove the most shadows and cast the most light.

Adding dimmer switches is another way to add more function to your vanity bathroom lights with minimal effort. Once your vanity lights are completed, your bathroom will pop, and your self-care routine will be that much easier. 

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Deciding on Your Overhead Bathroom Lights

Your overhead bathroom lights will be influenced by a few different factors in your current bathroom layout. You’ll want to consider the overall size of your bathroom and the ending layout to help illuminate the areas that need it the most.

Pick overhead bathroom lights that cast fewer shadows and shed more light on the size of your space. This is better for mood, function, and overall use of your bathroom. Recessed overhead bathroom lighting is a popular space-saving design but choosing classic overhead lights can help aid in your design and theme.

Directional lighting can be a large help depending on the layout of your bathroom or choosing an adjustable fixture. Multiple switches, dimmers, and different colored lighting can all help in the final design of your space. More than any other bathroom lighting, your overhead lighting must balance functionality and aesthetics. 

Pick Bathroom Wall Sconces to Elevate the Design

With overhead lights and vanity lighting, your bathroom should have fully functional light and complete coverage. However, if you’re looking to do a different spin on your bathroom lighting, bathroom wall scones can be a great way to brighten your bathroom lighting while adding a touch of personality.

Consider the height and placement of the sconces to ensure they offer optimal illumination without causing harsh shadows. If you have a double vanity, install sconces on either side of the mirrors for balanced lighting. Scones are great for a bit more light and decoration that adds more functionality and mood lighting where you need it. 

Pick Bathroom Wall Sconces To Elevate The Design

Don’t Forget Task Lighting for Your Bathrooms

While vanity lighting and scones can add mood lighting or cast better light with minimal shadows, you don’t want to skimp on specific task lighting for your bathroom. Task lighting is a great item to enhance any bathroom of any size, no matter if you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel or just some light bathroom renovations.

Similar to task lighting in a kitchen, bathroom task lighting helps enhance areas where you need a little extra illumination. You’ll most often find bathroom task lighting in cabinets, under countertops, and in drawers. This helps find pesky items that get lost in the shadows.

For your next bathroom remodel, consider task lighting for the best way to brighten your bathroom. Consider pendant lights, lighted mirrors, recessed lighting along the wall, and extra scones for better illumination where you need it most. 

The Pros of LED Bathroom Lights

After you’ve chosen your bathroom light fixtures and installation is complete, you don’t want to miss out on selecting the right bulbs. Our go-to bathroom lighting tip is to never skimp on LED lights for your bathroom.

LED lights have a wider range of color options, from cool to warm, to help get the perfect lighting every time. They are better at energy efficiency and don’t burn hot, protecting your installation and bathroom every step of the way.

Talk to your bathroom remodeling company about LED lights for dimmable switches, warm or cool tones, and instant illumination capabilities. They last longer and light up better, the perfect enhancement for your new bathroom lighting. 

The Pros Of LED Bathroom Lights

How to Maximize Natural Light in the Bathroom

If you’re looking for ways to not just add more light but more natural light, there are a few bathroom lighting tips that can work for almost any home or bathroom size. Natural light has the benefit of being a mood enhancer and saving energy. With a few simple remodeling tips, you can lighten up the bathroom naturally.

Always use light-colored countertops, fixtures, and paint to help reflect natural light. This will allow light to echo across the room instead of being absorbed into darker paints or woods. If privacy is a concern, install frosted glass or use temporary window coverings that let light in but obstruct views. Don’t use heavy curtains or tight shades that would otherwise obstruct the sun.

Our top tip is to use mirrors throughout the space to continuously bounce light and reflections around, giving you better illumination and the feeling of a grander, larger bathroom. And whenever possible, go for a big renovation and add in a skylight. From simple to extragevent, more natural light is yours for the having. 

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