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Elevate the look and function of your kitchen with a new kitchen countertop installation. You can go from closed-in and cluttered to bright, open, and spacious with only a few tweaks to your existing kitchen layout with new kitchen countertops.

Our kitchen remodelers in MD are enthusiastic about helping homeowners revamp their kitchens and install new countertops at affordable price points. This is because new countertops can improve the function, look, and longevity of your kitchen. Butcher blocks, natural stone, and even laminate countertops all have pros that help elevate the function of your kitchen at a variety of price points.

Learn about the best countertop installation tips, what countertops are the most affordable, and how you can get a free estimate on your next kitchen remodel – if you’re in Maryland, it’s easier than you think!

Keep Your Countertop Installation Affordable By Determining What You Need

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Before you can get an estimate on a new kitchen countertop installation, you need to prioritize what you need the most from your kitchen countertops. This may be heat resistance, cutting stations, water resistance, or a combination.

You’ll want to compare your “wants” and “needs” from your countertops with your budget estimation. If you have a smaller kitchen with smaller countertop sections, you may be able to indulge more with a higher-quality countertop. However, if you need to cover a lot of space, you need to do an estimation of the total costs to complete the space.

Pro Tip – Select two countertops you love that have different functions and mix and match – no reason you can’t primarily select a natural stone and feature a butcher block section to get all the different options you need.

Your Kitchen Countertop Installation Cost Varies By Company

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To get the most affordable kitchen countertop installation, you’ll want to shop around with different kitchen remodeling companies near you. When doing so, keep all estimates and compare not all the costs but what’s included and each company’s reputation and timeline.

Remember, an affordable kitchen countertop installation is not just about cost but about longevity and quality. You’re not going for cheap, you’re going for the most bang for your investment.

Pro Tip – Work with companies with 5-star reviews, realistic timelines, and no hidden costs. You don’t want a cheap estimation that takes months to complete nor do you want to work with a company that isn’t reputable or experienced. Ask how to maximize your budget with every estimation request.

You Can Get an Affordable Kitchen Countertop Installation by Prepping the Space

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This isn’t going to cut down your costs a significant amount, but when you’re ready to get your countertop installation started, prepping the space is a great way to cut down on labor hours or additional costs.

Cleaning out your kitchen, taking accurate measurements, and even looking for deals or sales on materials needed are all ways to help lower the cost of your kitchen countertop installation. A clean kitchen means less labor and a way to get accurate measurements so you’re not ordering more or less than you need.

Depending on the countertops you’re ordering, you may be able to order through a third party and get a sale on the materials to help overall. Talk to your remodeling company about what you can outsource or do yourself to lower the overall project total.

Installing Kitchen Countertops: Pros vs DIY

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When most homeowners search for an affordable kitchen countertop installation, they want to opt for a DIY approach in order to cut down on labor costs. While there are some benefits to a DIY installation, the truth is that cost estimates are roughly the same when compared to longevity, tool rentals, code ratings, inspection, and more.

Professional remodeling companies can offer an affordable kitchen countertop installation by working with you on budget, labor, and more. The perks of a professional kitchen countertop installation are they ensure it is up to code, it does not need a third-party inspection, they have all equipment on hand, and they are faster due to experience.

DIY installations will require tool rentals, exchanges, and extra costs for damages incurred during installation or unexpected roadblocks. Professional companies are prepared for these instances and can handle them with ease.

Pro Tip – Ask your remodeling company about unexpected situations to ensure there are no hidden costs. What if the countertops are damaged in transit and what are their warranties and insurance? This can include coverage for a few years that helps reduce costs if things go awry down the line.


Make Your Investment Last: Countertop Maintenance

To ensure your countertop investment stays affordable, invest in the proper countertop maintenance and care after everything has been successfully installed. Properly maintaining your countertops increases their lifespan and reduces the need for repairs down the line.

Each countertop material will have different maintenance requirements. This may be applying sealant, not using excessive heat, inspecting for chips annually, and more. Ask your professional remodeling company what they recommend in order to preserve your countertops for the long haul.

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Are you prepared for your next countertop installation? You can get a FREE ESTIMATE from BB&K just by filling out our contact form. Our aim is to provide you with a thorough scope of work including timeline and estimation so you can feel prepared to begin your next project.

Not sure what you want? Our expert designers can provide insights, advice, and more. We’re happy to help recommend our favorite kitchen countertop ideas to help you get the function and look you’re aiming for with your home remodeling investment.


Laminate is the most affordable countertop material that has a variety of styles and color options to fit any kitchen. Also included on the more affordable side of things are ceramic tiles, butcher blocks, and solid surfaces.

Kitchen countertop installation times vary based on the size of the kitchen, the material of the countertop, and any modifications requested. However, most installations can be completed within several hours on one day once the materials are delivered.

Consult with your kitchen remodeling company if they prefer to remove the old countertops or if this is something you can do yourself to help reduce labor costs. You will need to remove your old countertops to install the new ones and professionals may be quicker and less likely to cause damage during the process.

Depending on the countertop material, you may be able to install the countertops yourself. Pre-cut countertops, often laminate, can be easy for experienced homeowners who are used to taking on projects. However, intricate cuts, different shapes, and heavy or solid pieces of material will require a professional in order to ensure the proper support has been installed and to reduce the likelihood of damage.

Specific maintenance will vary from material to material. In general, always clean up spills right away to reduce stains; use cutting boards to avoid damage; use soft cloths and avoid harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning; use sealant or polish annually to improve the look of your countertops.

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