Make Your Bathroom More Accessible:
5 Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

An accessible bathroom layout doesn’t have to be a difficult project or require an expensive bathroom remodel. Accessible bathroom designs are perfect for seniors, those with disabilities, and planning for the future and should be a part of most bathroom remodeling visions.

We break down some of the most common bathroom floor plans and remodeling ideas that are simple and affordable to make your bathroom more accessible for family, guests, or yourself. Make your home more inclusive with these quick and easy bathroom design tips – anyone can do #1 and #2 today.

Install Grab Bars for the Shower and Toilet

The first bathroom remodel design upgrade to make, and the easiest, is installing grab bars in your shower, in your tub, and by the toilet.

Grab bars are perfect for seniors and those with disabilities. Grab bars help provide a safe place to grip and can reduce the risk of falls when getting up, down, in, or out. Grab bars can be aesthetically pleasing while also being sturdy.

Installing one to two in the shower, one horizontal and one vertical, is a great place to begin. Also adding one or two alongside the toilet to help with balance and also one behind.

These should be installed directly onto the studs so there is no risk of them becoming dislodged when all of the weight is placed on them by the user. They can be installed directly through most surfaces found in a bathroom.

Opt for Non-Slip Flooring Instead of Bath Mats

Yes, non-slip flooring can drastically improve the accessibility of your bathroom for all users and guests.

Non-slip flooring helps when it comes to balance, canes, wheelchairs, and visual impairment. The grip of the floor can reduce the risk of falls and slips of walking aids. The tactile texture is also important for those who are visually impaired, to feel the change in flooring from one floor to the next.

Non-slip flooring is not the same as adding non-slip mats, as mats can create tripping hazards or blocks for wheelchairs. Non-slip flooring is an easy bathroom upgrade installation that is affordable and quick to complete.

Lower the Sink and Toilet

Transfering weight from a wheelchair or cane to a traditional height toilet can be a difficult task for many handicapped individuals. This is because of the extreme bending of the knees to move from one position to the next.

To combat this, an accessible bathroom upgrade includes lowering the toilet and sink to help reduce the distance a user has to move from their wheelchair to the toilet. This is an easy fix that pairs well with grab-handle bathroom remodels.

Upgrade to a Walk-In Shower with Seating

If you’re opting for a larger bathroom remodel, a walk-in shower upgrade with shower seating is the perfect accessible bathroom upgrade to opt for.

Walk-in showers paired with shower seating make any bathroom immediately more accessible for overnight guests or residents. The walk-in shower reduces tripping hazards, a must for those with balance or mobility difficulties. A shower seat allows for reduced risk of fatigue, slips, and falls, and aids wheelchair users who may be unable to stand for long periods of time.

No matter the size of your current bathroom, our bathroom design ideas can help accommodate an easy walk-in shower for any user who needs one.

Remember to Widen Doorways and Open Areas

An often-forgotten about bathroom remodeling for accessibility is widening doorways and creating open spaces free of clutter.

Widening doorways is a must for an accessible bathroom upgrade because it allows for wheelchairs of all sizes to fit without getting stuck. Open spaces allow for easy turning of wheelchairs and reduce the risk of falls due to clutter or tight corners.

Even small bathrooms can be upgraded with new bathroom designs to improve the open areas and reduce clutter by optimizing new storage areas.

Yes, an Accessible Bathroom Upgrade is Easy and Possible

If any of these solutions sounded like the perfect bathroom upgrade for your home, contact BB&K today to consult on your new bathroom remodel ideas.

We aim to make every home comfortable, accessible, and affordable. Whatever you need to improve your quality of life, we can help design, budget for, and install with ease. Start off small or go for an entire bathroom remodel at once – let’s make a plan today to improve your home’s comfort.

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