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7 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Better for Entertaining

The kitchen is the heart of your home – it’s where family gathers, friends are welcomed, and loved ones make memories that last a lifetime.

Most often, we hear “I want a modern kitchen for entertaining” and we are asked about our kitchen design layout ideas to welcome family and friends that outnumber a dozen. Kitchen remodeling has become our bread and butter, as we enjoy helping homeowners transform their ordinary space into a collection of laughter and friendship.

We share with you our top tips to transform your kitchen for entertaining – get advice for small kitchenettes, large dining spaces, modern kitchen designs, and throwback quirky styles for our creative spirits – anyone can do tip #6, so don’t worry about space or budget. If you dream it, we have the vision for it.

Tip #1: Embrace an Open Floor Plan

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Removing the walls to surrounding rooms is the most simplistic way to transform your kitchen for entertaining. Opening up the home to all living spaces invites everyone to be a part of the magic.

Open floor plans are an easy way, albeit will require a fair bit of prep and labor, to make the kitchen the welcoming center of your home. Picture walking into the foyer and seeing the kitchen abuzz with activity; anyone in the living room can partake in the conversation from across a shared countertop; and the dining room is easily filled with dishes and drinks via a half-wall bar.

If you’ve been itching to create an open floor design, entertaining guests in your modern kitchen is the perfect excuse to start your home transformation.

Tip #2: The Modern Kitchen Isn’t Complete Without an Island

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Every room needs a gathering space and the kitchen island is the beacon for family and friends to gather in a modern kitchen.

Creating this space allows for extra seating, snacks to be served, glasses to be set on, and even kids to do crafts or hobbies while others work around them. It provides a safe space for all to put down their belongings and partake in the conversation while being a part of the action but not in the way.

Yes, it is possible to fit almost any kitchen with an island. If your kitchen layout doesn’t allow space for an island, talk to our designers for our best kitchen remodeling recommendations: opt instead for a rolling island, a pub table, a breakfast nook, or a small bar cart that still acts as the “water cooler” center of the space.

Tip #3: Embrace Appliances, Don’t Hide Them

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The key to a good entertaining space in the kitchen is having the prep room to cook for all of your family and friends. When designing your kitchen remodel, focus on counter space that allows room for all blenders, mixing aids, cutting boards, pot storage, and more.

Don’t hide the tools that make the magic happen, leave space for all of these to be readily accessible so you can move from one task to the other with ease. This also creates a cozy way to get exciting with color – a neutral paint job with bold-colored appliances gives a pop of personality. And everyone can join in with the prep work when you have everything out and ready to go.

If you’re worried about clutter, our go-to recommendation is above-cabinet storage or a pantry to the side of the kitchen.

Tip #4: The Ideal Kitchen Design Embraces a Theme

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Make your kitchen cozy – always.

A welcoming space should have comforting colors, knick-knacks, and your personality. Don’t just make your kitchen functional, infuse it with everything fun, entertaining, quirky, and exciting. There are some go-to kitchen themes you can draw inspiration from or you can create your own. 

Our favorite kitchen design ideas combine function and comfort, infusing the space with decorations, offering a variety of lighting colors and brightness, adding a “focal” piece that draws everyone’s attention, and adding pillows to bar or breakfast nook seating.

This is a simple modern kitchen design hack that quickly elevates the feel of your kitchen: just make it cozy! 

Tip #5: Tap Into the Outdoors

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If your kitchen design is connected to the outdoors, take full advantage and create an indoor-outdoor flow space for your guests.

Our kitchen design layout ideas often include garden windows to draw in more light, large windows to let in the breeze, countertops that make space for flowers or herbs, and embracing the patio or deck if it’s nearby.

Guests love to have a way to move in and out during the summer months, so make your kitchen the central space to grab snacks and drinks before enjoying the outdoors together as a group.

Tip #6: Quick and Easy: Make a Beverage Station

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No matter the size of your kitchen, making a beverage station as part of your kitchen remodel is the best way to create an entertainment zone for all guests.

Embrace coffee, cocktails, tea, or sodas – it doesn’t matter! Line up your machines, set down themed bar mats, install creative lighting, and make this section of your modern kitchen the first place people lay eyes on.

A beverage-making station installs a sense of welcome, comfort, and familiarity. People are more at ease and feel like family. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your favorite mixtures and get the conversation started.

Tip #7: Add a Chalkboard Wall to Your Kitchen Remodel

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Nothing makes a space feel more lived-in and welcoming than sweet messages and inside jokes. A chalkboard wall is both practical and fun when choosing your kitchen layout ideas.

A chalkboard wall installation allows you to sketch out schedules and lists but also invites people to leave fun messages, draw sweet doodles, and be a part of the fun. These are easy, affordable, and a quick way to make your kitchen space more fun.

Make Your Kitchen More You – It’s the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

We’ve found the perfect way to make your kitchen more suited for entertaining is to embrace what matters to you! Highlight vintage appliances, unique art, bold colors, modern edges, or whatever makes your kitchen special to you.

Our tips are meant to give examples of the many ways your kitchen can be transformed for entertaining whether you’re doing an entire kitchen remodel or just looking for kitchen layout ideas.

Contact us today to consult on your next kitchen remodel and speak with our design experts for how to get the most out of your budget and space.


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