What to Expect During Your Kitchen Renovation (And How to Handle It)

Kitchen renovations are a large undertaking.

Not only is the construction in your house a toll on you mentally (and physically if you’re opting for a DIY approach), but the removal of all of your reliable cooking appliances makes maintaining a healthy, or even steady, diet impossible during construction.

Before you opt for a kitchen remodel, read our guide about the 9 things you need to know to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

We set you up for success so you know how to handle the budget, timeline setbacks, appliance shipping and installation, electrical changes, food resources during the process, and the noise during this time.

1) Budget for What You Want - And then Some

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A kitchen renovation is never what you’re expecting. While it’s easy to prepare for appliance changes and get the rough cost of lumber and materials (plus the labor from reliable remodeling contractors), there are always unexpected changes.

Talk to your kitchen remodeling company about building in an additional budget for unexpected costs. You should be prepared for financial changes due to things that can’t be seen, like electrical issues behind drywall or subflooring damage if you’re changing out the tiling. The first quote you get should never be the last.

2) Think Ahead About Food and Meals

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For some people who can set up a kitchenette or have a basement freezer or garage refrigerator, this isn’t an issue. However, for some, food storage and meal prep can be the hardest, and very costly, part of a kitchen remodel

Before construction begins, think about how you’ll access your perishables and prepare meals. Set up a microwave in a spare room, utilize your BBQ if you have one, and budget in takeout costs. This will become vital for quick meals like breakfast and more filling family meals like dinner.

3) Kitchen Remodels Are Loud and Dusty - Buy Protection

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Don’t wait until your home is covered in a layer of dust or you’ve decided you’ve had enough of the banging and sawing after a couple of work days. Take precautions BEFORE your remodeling contractors begin their work. 

If you’re going to be home during the construction process, invest in noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. Set aside a quiet place in your home to work, read, decompress, and keep your animals. Any place that is mostly muffled from the noise is where you want to be.

To combat dust, ask about zipper walls and furniture covers. Some of this your contractor may supply and if they don’t, head down to your local hardware store to prepare. Zipper walls are perfect for ease of access while containing all the dirt you don’t want escaping – plus these and furniture covers are a relatively inexpensive investment to save you on costly cleaning fees later.

4) Delays Are Inevitable, So Extend the Timetable

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No one likes to hear it, but delays are inevitable when it comes to a remodeling project. A complete kitchen makeover can especially see unexpected delays due to shipping times, backorders, and even damaged orders that arrive on time.

Most often, this happens with cracked countertops or other fragile items. Keep communication lines open with your kitchen remodeling contractors so everyone is on the same page to know how to handle a setback when it arises.

5) Not All Decisions Can Be Made Ahead of Time - Get Inspo Photos

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Some kitchen remodeling decisions are easy to plan and prep for – what is your color palette, are you changing the backsplash, what do you need your countertops to do, are you ready to upgrade your appliances? 

However, not every decision can be made upfront or planned for. Expect smaller detail questions like how many outlets do you want and should they have USB additions; are you interested in task lighting and where; what is the desired height of countertops and cabinets?

As things change, be ready to envision what you like most about your desired outcome and try to communicate both aesthetic and functional needs.

6) Kitchen Remodels Will Have Frustrating Days - That’s OK

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No matter how wonderful your kitchen renovation crew is, there will be days when the long wait and process will be frustrating. 

Even the most well-adapted homeowners can grow disillusioned by the noise, delays, changes, and inaccessibility to food and cooking. Plan ahead as much as you can to get out of the house, treat yourself, and remind yourself why you’re opting for the remodel.

Don’t get down on yourself – or the crew – when bad days hit. Take a walk, stick to the plan, review the process, and stay steady for the final outcome.

7) Kitchen Renovations Let You Make Your Space Your Own

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The bad days aren’t going to be the only, or even the majority, of your days waiting. Instead, you’ll be excited planning, selecting, and shopping for the kitchen of your dreams

Get excited by viewing some of your favorite inspiration boards for what you want from your new kitchen. Select your favorite colors, dream tiles, and talk to your remodeling contractors about some of your dream functions or aesthetics to see what they can make work in your space.

The best part about a modern kitchen remodel is that there are always new tools and accessories that can be used to make any space into a luxury cooking and dining space.

8) Not Everything Gets Done on Time, Some of It Can Wait

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Before your contractor concludes your work, you will do a final walkthrough to sign off on the kitchen renovation project. A professional and trustworthy contractor will let you know upfront about the outliers of the project that had to wait. 

These are often small things that don’t impede concluding the job but will need touch-ups or finishes later – this also often happens with DIY jobs or jobs where you plan on finishing several items yourself.

Talk about back ordered light fixtures, replacement electrical covers, trim painting, footboards, and more, and what to do if these items are delayed.

9) Yes, You’ll Want to Host a Party

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Once your kitchen remodel has concluded, you’ll want to show it off to everyone! While it’s wise to wait to send out invitations or begin planning the party until you’re near the end (as we mentioned, delays can happen) you want to be excited to show off your kitchen from the get-go, as it will give you something to look forward to. 

Set up the favorite items you’ll want to cook and what features you’ll want to highlight to family and friends. Then you get to celebrate, sit back, relax, and enjoy everything you’ve worked towards.

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A kitchen remodel is a mix of many highs and a few lows. It can be a long process, especially if struggling with meal prep, but the payoff is more than worth the temporary sacrifice. 

Get excited and sent Beautiful Baths and Kitchens your inspiration photos today to prepare. Take a look at our kitchen remodeling gallery to get ideas and be pumped for your new kitchen to be complete soon.

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