7 Must Have Kitchen Island Designs for Your Kitchen Remodel

It’s time to revamp your kitchen and get more out of it – more light, more counter space, more storage. Achieve it all at once with a new kitchen island installation.

Kitchen islands are the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. They elevate your function, your style, and your gathering space. At Beautiful Baths and Kitchens, our kitchen remodelers have helped homeowners advance their kitchen space to be more functional, more stylish, and more welcoming with captivating kitchen island designs.

If you’re looking to add a new kitchen island during your home remodel, we can help. Take a dive into seven popular kitchen island designs that help with bringing family together and storing all of the dishes you need, so you don’t need to get rid of anything in the new year. 

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Pantry Kitchen Islands

To kick off our kitchen remodeling inspiration, we’re focusing on kitchen islands that prioritize organization and storage. Consider a pantry kitchen island – a kitchen island that has open shelving and roll-out shelves for total organization.

You can cleanly and easily display all of your most essential cooking supplies – spices, pasta, rice, and more. For an extra flair of design, get mason jars to complete the look and display everything in clear glass for quick scanning while cooking.

A pantry styled kitchen island means you don’t need to worry about cluttering up your cupboards or installing a new closet for food storage. Simply swap out your old kitchen island for a new design that helps you organize where you need it most – in the heart of the kitchen. Plus, your kitchen assistants like friends and family will always be able to help with everything right in reach.  

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Cupboard Kitchen Islands

If you need organization but displayed items aren’t your thing, opt for a kitchen island with built-in cupboards instead. Cupboard kitchen islands are very popular for storing pots, pans, and other bulky items you need accessible but want to keep out of sight. Everything is right at your fingertips but you never need to worry about keeping it neat and tidy.

Many homeowners seeking a kitchen remodel love the cupboard style kitchen islands because they can hold items on one side but have an extended ledge for bar stool seating on the other side. You can get company, a seating area, and more storage all at once.

Transform your current kitchen island into an oasis for all the kitchen gadgets you need but don’t want to store away out of reach. 

Breakfast Nook Kitchen Islands

Speaking of bar stool seating at a kitchen island, you don’t need a massive kitchen space to have a kitchen island with added seating. Part of the magic of kitchen islands is they can be scaled to your space. So throw out what you thought you knew and opt for a small kitchen island with breakfast nook seating for your home.

Small kitchen islands prioritize your limited space to maximize how you use it. Instead of getting a kitchen table, elevate your kitchen island top with some longer counter edges and add in the perfect bar stools or high-backed chairs for your own little breakfast space. 

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Bar Stool Kitchen Islands

Working with a larger kitchen and love to host? No problem, you can add a large kitchen island with bar stool seating as part of your new kitchen remodel this year.

Kitchen islands are a great place to host and entertain your family and friends. Kitchen islands that border open floor plans help invite everyone to gather around while you cook and prepare family meals. Fill it with drinks, games, photo albums, and more so everyone feels a part of the action.

No more isolating away in the kitchen when meal time hits – your kitchen island lets everyone join you without getting in the way, making it the perfect place to prep all your holiday events. 

Stovetop Kitchen Islands

If you need function over storage or seating, opt for a new kitchen island installation that has a built-in stovetop, or oven, instead. These stovetop kitchen islands can help clear out counter space around the edge of your kitchen or give you an additional cooking space that you desperately need.

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops when you move your stovetop to your kitchen island. This provides easier access to what you’re cooking, more space to navigate around your kitchen, and for open floor plans it creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all who enter. So get away from cramming everything onto your countertops and make your kitchen island work for you. 

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Sink Kitchen Islands

Instead of adding a second stove top to your kitchen, your kitchen island can also serve as a second area for an additional cooking sink.

Sinks in the kitchen island can be relatively simple to upgrade to while offering limitless cooking convenience. You don’t need to constantly navigate all around the kitchen – just pop right to the side or behind you and there your fresh water awaits.

Families love a kitchen island with a sink for their kitchen makeover because it gives easy accessibility to all family members while freeing up plenty of space for the cook. Talk to your remodeling company about how easy it can be and give it a test run today. 

Cutting Board Kitchen Islands

Not all new kitchen island remodels have to focus on integrating your stovetop, oven, or sink into the center of your kitchen. Get more function with a cutting board kitchen island. These kitchen islands have a countertop made for cutting – so you can chop, prep, and carve directly on your kitchen island without stacking up endless piles of dishes.

We love cutting board kitchen islands for kitchen makeovers because it lets you get the perfect new kitchen countertop without having to replace all the counters in your home. You can test out the newest wood countertops and they make clean up a breeze.

Use your countertops for storage and organization while your kitchen island handles all of the cutting. 

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Pick and choose from multiple functions and pair the final design with your favorite splash of color. If you think your home can’t hold a kitchen island, think again. More storage, more seating, and more function await you. Get an estimate request today to see how close you are to a new kitchen design. 

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