Upgrading Your Shower Experience: Rainfall Showerhead Pros and Cons

You’re finally turning your attention to your bathroom remodel and you can’t wait. You’ve got new tile picked out, a double sink, and fresh lights above the mirror to get the perfect ambiance. As you consider your bathtub and shower, you want to consider shower enclosures for your bathroom remodel and what type of showerhead you want.

Rainfall showerheads are growing in popularity and becoming an in-demand item for bathroom remodels. However, as rainfall showerheads take over regular showerheads, some homeowners are wondering, are they worth it?

We dive into the pros and cons of rainfall showerheads for your bathroom remodel. And, if you really aren’t sure, we have some positive solutions to get the best shower remodel for your home.

Upgrading Your Shower Experience: Rainfall Showerhead Pros and Cons

What are Rainfall Showerheads

Rainfall showerheads are large showerheads that are positioned directly above you in the shower. Often in the shape of a large square, they simulate a rainfall experience. Compared to regular showerheads, which are installed at an angle in the shower and have much smaller circumferences of water.

Why Get a Rainfall Showerhead: Pros

Full Body Coverage

Rainfall showerheads offer full body coverage. With showerheads ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches (depending on your shower space), you can fully immerse yourself in a warm shower with entire coverage. This creates a relaxing experience that beats out any cold showers you had taken previously. The perfect way to wake up and unwind after a long day.

More Steam

The larger showerheads of a rainfall showerhead offer more steam. Warm steam during a shower helps with breathing, congestion, and body relaxation. If you’re looking to generate more steam in your enclosed shower, opting for a rainfall showerhead will give you that experience and comfort.

Spa at Home

Full body coverage? Hot steam? The pitter-patter of rain falling? Rainfall showerheads are in demand because of their spa-like experience right at home. You can relax under the soft fall right at home. With the right mood lighting, tiles, and shower seating, you close your eyes and escape all your troubles for a short time every day.

Modern and Aesthetically Pleasing

The look of rainfall showerheads is a huge appeal for many homeowners. It is very modern, sleek, and blends in nicely when properly installed. This is a huge draw to creating a calming atmosphere and modern ambiance.

Home Value

Because rainfall showerheads are considered a luxury item, they help raise the value of your home. Add in a new shower enclosure installation and proper bathroom mood lighting, you can pitch your home as an at-home spa experience to dramatically raise the home value, all while getting to enjoy the comforts yourself. It’s an investment that is sure to pay off in the long run.

What You Don’t Know About Rainfall Showerheads: Cons

Plumbing Updates

To properly install a rainfall showerhead, you may need plumbing updates. This is because rainfall showerheads come at a different angle in your shower, have a larger circumstance, and may need a higher water pressure. Plus, if you opt for an extra large waterfall showerhead, you may need a water heater increase to provide consistently warm water during your shower. See what’s involved in upgrading to a rainfall showerhead.

Lack of Versatility

If you enjoy different settings, pressure, and coverage in your showerhead, then a rainfall showerhead may not be right for you. Rainfall showerheads do not have settings, since the rainfall is a natural gravity-fed feed. This means you get one water pressure (often low), one set size of coverage, and no variances. If you’re looking for a solution to get the best of both worlds, jump down to how we help homeowners get the exact shower remodel they want.

Everyday is Hair Wash Day – You Can’t Avoid the Water

Not everyone wants to wash their hair, or even get it wet, in the shower. Rainfall showerheads don’t offer that opportunity. Because of their straight-down angle, there is no way to avoid the water when in a rainfall shower. If you prefer to keep to a specific hair wash schedule and want days where you’re out of the water, a rainfall showerhead may not be the right choice.

Lower Water Pressure

Unless you opt for a dramatic plumbing update, rainfall showerheads have a naturally low pressure when installed at the correct height. This can create a relaxing atmosphere but it isn’t what is always wanted in a shower. Consider how often you opt for a high-water pressure shower when deciding on a rainfall showerhead. 

Choose Low-Flow Toilets

Considerations for Installing a Rainfall Showerhead

Some Homes May Need Upgraded Plumbing

When thinking of a rainfall showerhead, be prepared to consider updated plumbing including larger pipes, a new connection point, and a larger water heater. You can work around these updates by opting for lower water pressure, installing your rainfall showerhead with an arm instead of directly out of the ceiling, and limiting your use of hot water. A professional remodeling company can help you decide the best choice for your new shower installation.

Ceiling Height

The height of your ceiling will affect how you experience your rainfall showerhead. Too low and you may not get the proper coverage or water pressure. However, too high and your rainfall may feel like a light drizzle as the water disperses. Consult with your remodeling contractor on showerhead extensions to get the proper look and feel.

Prevent Leaks with Professional Installation

Because rainfall showerheads face directly downstairs, water that accumulates after you shut off the shower can still pool in the mechanism. This can lead to drips when you’re out of the shower or cold droplets when you’re taking a bath, instead. Professionals can help install a shutoff valve correctly and advise on maintenance to prevent these cold-water drips.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Multi-Head Showers

It’s your remodel, why not get what you want? Professional bathroom remodelers can fit your new shower installation to have multiple showerheads. This can include traditional showerheads, rainfall showerheads, and showerheads at different heights to help with full body coverage and care.

With professional bathroom remodelers, your shower upgrade is easier than ever. We handle everything you need and have affordable solutions for smaller bathrooms, too. Get the shower upgrade you’ve been dreaming of without having to totally demo your bathroom. Get a quote today and discover how close your dream bathroom is.

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